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The party would tax online tech giants at three per cent on revenues, and promises a single tax form for Quebecers.New Democrats propose hiking the rate for capital gains inclusion from 50 per cent to 75 per cent. The party has stressed the need to tackle applicant backlogs and prioritize family reunification. They propose requiring that heavy emitters invest in clean technology or research. It also wants to curb solid waste exports.The Bloc wants Ottawa to respect Quebec’s authority on all environmental issues, notably its opposition of pipelines. It hasn’t. At a 2018 event, Leader Andrew Scheer said he would continue to support manufacturing in southern Ontario through the FedDev Ontario program and a federal auto-sector investment fund. It wants to legislate housing as a “legally protected fundamental human right for all Canadians” and appoint a minister of housing to oversee the National Housing Strategy. The party would target gangs to reduce gun crime and propose lifetime bans for those convicted of violent crimes or gang activity. They promise to cut fees for these programs by 10 per cent. Sources say that while the Conservatives think the Liberal government did a poor job of negotiating, the party recognizes there would be great economic uncertainty if the deal were to be reopened. <> They’ve dismissed pharmacare, instead focusing on people not covered provincially or at work. Conservatives promise more money for police to combat gun and gang violence.The party has not endorsed a national handgun ban but has called for cities to be given the power to ban handguns. He still won’t say whether he supports it, telling reporters the future of energy does not include fracking or fossil fuels. Élections fédérales 2019 : ce que les partis politiques du Canada disent au sujet de l’immigration économique Cinq des six principaux partis fédéraux du Canada ont maintenant publié leur programme en matière d’immigration. The party has also proposed a robot tax, which would force companies to pay a tax when they replace an employee with a machine.The Bloc says it would work to keep head offices for large corporations in Quebec — and would offer a remediation agreement to SNC-Lavalin. They have stressed the importance of “economic immigration” and prioritizing those facing “true persecution.” The party would allow employers to sponsor permanent residency applications. They want to create a “digital charter” dictating rights and data privacy online. To do that, he would appoint a minister for “consulting Indigenous rights holders.” The party has also committed to review the Indian Act. More details are expected during the campaign.New Democrats have long called for a national auto strategy which they say would include $300 million for “innovation.” It wants a national industrial strategy to build a “low-carbon manufacturing economy” and require infrastructure projects use Canadian-made steel and aluminum.The Greens are focused on increasing manufacturing in green industries. But if elected, they wouldn’t re-open the agreement.New Democrats don’t think the deal is good enough for Canadians. endobj Greens would remove the GST from the cost of building new child-care spaces. The party wants to launch a national basic income pilot project and ban unpaid internships if they don’t count for school credit.The party wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour and ban unpaid internships that aren’t for school credits. Expect the Liberals to take credit for those numbers and for Canada’s economic success compared to other G7 nations.Liberals handed out chunks of the $1.33 billion they raised from retaliatory tariffs on the U.S. to the steel and aluminium sectors across Canada. They also plan to create a children’s commissioner to ensure children are considered in government policy.The party has not released a policy on this issue. Renseignements à jour au 14 février 2019 Page 1 ... Parti de l’opposition officielle Parti conservateur du Canada (PCC) Autres partis d’opposition et chefs de parti Tous les partis politiques ou Nouveau Parti démocratique (Jagmeet Singh) That could change this year. Federal party leaders are putting health care front and centre ⁠— and some are taking what many see as the next step by promising a pharmacare program.Liberals want to build 100,000 affordable homes over a decade and offer first-time home-buyer subsidies of 10 per cent on new home purchases and 5 per cent on resales — with restrictions. They would cut taxes by 50 per cent for companies behind zero-emission technology or products. It promises anyone who legally bought a gun and had to relinquish it to the government due to new rules would be reimbursed. �$/ �L�V^��7+`��J��K� L��)�L��? It's also no surprise most of the federal parties are indicating in some fashion they see lowering telecom bills as a priority.Liberals want all new vehicles sold to be zero-emission by 2040. Les chefs des partis d’opposition fédéraux se sont montrés peu satisfaits des excuses offertes par Justin Trudeau. Les élections fédérales canadiennes de 2019 ont lieu le 21 octobre 2019 afin d'élire les députés de la 43 e législature de la Chambre des communes du Canada.. Après une campagne serrée entre le Parti libéral et les Conservateurs au coude à coude dans les intentions de vote, les résultats étaient jugés incertains. ۳��R]��B�� ,�U��O����� |���_�Z�#|z���Ooh���{���x ?��(�3M���S�)���+0Z�G�452F���S��=��N��ڲn��.p�pB� xF�2|dR �-;�Dן+N:G�P �W#n6���5k���QG��rй*�D+#���3B�]Y�� �����av$~ �##�oq�0P�X�Դ�I �T&̴[5z!�!1�4Ӎ�b ��(��Z��7>m|�Ur]�c6��/�6�r�s�w���&>����r��P He would give provinces veto power over national infrastructure projects that run through them, including pipelines.Leader Elizabeth May would not approve any new pipeline project and opposes any pipeline carrying diluted bitumen. His plan to do that includes slashing foreign aid by 25 per cent, cancelling corporate handouts and cutting costs on consultants and federally owned real estate. ?~T�R�=�)kp�Rս^�����z��5x�������f��k��e�W;�'�Zm�+͏&���`v��*;=R���|���0�� �a'�A�/:��V�o�=9���e+G��py_�-�l/ݖ�x�GjtiXQ�i՗�EOZ�O�;�`W��ZbL��׶��Ծ�*�uM���n�>�Z�KMN_��Bw���gE5riS��I�k`;��PUC�>�L�6�N��n���ڲ2��M]v Nߗ� It promises to boost funding to protect forests from pests and improve technology for predicting and monitoring wildfires.The NDP pledges to protect 30 per cent of the country’s natural land, freshwater and oceans by 2030. The charge wouldn’t apply in “greener” provinces like Quebec.The People’s Party plans to get rid of the carbon tax, citing an increased cost for business and the threat of job losses. They too want to get rid of the Safe Third Country agreement. To make it happen, they would run a confidential buy-back program. It introduced the long-gun registry, forcing owners of shotguns to register their firearms with the government (a non-restricted Ruger Mini-14 was used at Polytechnique). They pledge net-zero emissions by 2050. Partis politiques radiés. Leader Andrew Scheer said he would use constitutional powers to declare construction of pipelines to be in the national interest, a move he argues would get them built faster. The party promises to develop a forest strategy and a water strategy, with the goal of providing everyone with safe drinking water. They want to scrap the federal GST/HST for those constructing new affordable units. The party wants to create a national freshwater strategy. They argue this would make things simpler for Quebeckers, who would only have to fill out one form instead of two. They specifically complained about its impact on softwood lumber and dairy. He has promised to balance the books over five years. They’ve even released attack ads on it. It opposes building pipelines or investing in fossil fuel projects and promises to cut subsidies within 100 days of the election. It would impose five-year mandatory minimum sentences on gang members, revoking parole and automatic bail. They also dished out money through their Strategic Innovation Fund. They pledge to tweak EI rules to allow parents to take shortened leaves and still receive full benefits. Le système politique et électoral canadien est fondé sur des groupes politiques qui présentent chacun leurs politiques et leurs candidats aux électeurs. It wants anyone 65 and older automatically enrolled in the guaranteed income supplement — and to have the supplement itself increased. He said he believes this would result in more competition from foreign telecom companies, which would help lower prices. It wants Quebec to have a veto over any pipeline that would run through the province and for the government to sell off Trans Mountain.The party strongly supports building pipelines and, like the Conservatives, would use constitutional powers to declare pipeline building to be in the national interest. 1 0 obj CIC News. They too support taxing “web giants” like Netflix, Google and Facebook.The Greens want to increase corporate tax rates from 15 to 21 per cent. They promise to ban some single-use plastics as early as 2021.Conservatives want to ban the practice of dumping raw sewage into waterways. In those provinces, Ottawa is handing back carbon tax rebates to most residents. They would create a working group to combat online hate and pressure social media platforms to delete “hateful and extremist content.”.Greens would amend CRTC regulations to curb cell prices. The party hopes to bump that number to 350,000 by 2021. He suggests western pipelines would present Indigenous people with a “golden opportunity for economic development.” He also wants to look at ways to give Indigenous people individual property rights on reserve and bring clean drinking water to remote communities.Canada’s relationship with Indigenous people rarely gets top billing in a party’s election platform. In wake of the devastating Lac-Mégantic train derailment, the party wants a public inquiry to look at rail transport regulations and opposes any additional oil being moved around Quebec.The party has not released a policy on this issue but leader Maxime Bernier is opposed to subsidies for zero-emission vehicles, claiming their buyers are already “wealthy people” and it’s a waste of money.Affordability is a big issue for swing voters ⁠— especially in Metro Vancouver and the Greater Toronto Area, where sky-high housing costs and transit go hand in hand. They are seeking judicial review of First Nation child welfare compensation.Leader Andrew Scheer has committed to a national action plan on MMIWG and is eager to work with Indigenous communities on developing energy resources. They would force phone companies to offer basic plans. But that only brings the party half way there, and the lack of specificity about which corporate handouts would go has made some critics skeptical.Liberals promise to cut cellphone bills by a quarter ⁠— and would allow for more competition. They plan to double the child disability benefit and expand access to medical assistance in dying.Conservatives have also pledged to increase health transfer payments by at least three per cent annually and uphold other parts of the health accord. They will concentrate their efforts on blasting the Liberal government’s carbon tax.The party had pledged to keep deficits under $10 billion and said its government would balance the books by 2019. It also wants to eliminate neonicotinoid pesticides, which have been blamed for bee deaths.The party hasn’t offered many details on its plans for the environment. The party wants to offer guaranteed income to parents who don’t qualify for paid leave.The party has pledged to maintain Liberal initiatives — it would continue with the Canada Child Benefit and increase social transfer payments by at least three per cent every year, which helps provinces and territories finance childcare and early learning. stream The Liberals are hampered by a spotty record: they’ll have to defend their decision to buy an oil pipeline and explain how that squares with their promise to respect the Paris accord pledge to meet and exceed a target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions - a target the government’s own reports show it is short of meeting. The party wants to implement a national school nutrition program.The party would boost child-care funding to at least one per cent of GDP annually. Both the NDP and the Conservatives have said they have no plans to get rid of it — but that won’t stop the Liberals from citing it as an example of what their government has done to help families care for their children.Liberals plan to phase out coal power by 2030 to help Canada exceed the Paris agreement’s carbon emission reduction targets. They are also in favour of taxing online giants like Facebook, Netflix and Spotify and further clamping down on tax havens.The party wants to cut the corporate income tax rate from 15 to 10 per cent and abolish the personal capital gains tax entirely. They’ve promised more money for First Nations education and would implement all recommendations from the MMIWG inquiry, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.The party has not released much policy on this issue. The Bank of Canada says it boosted the economy overall and Statistics Canada says it lifted almost 300,000 children out of poverty. They would have to prove damage was caused by a climate change related event. They also want to hike the top federal personal income tax rate from 33 per cent to 35 per cent, and impose a one per cent wealth tax on those making more than $20 million. It would force companies to delete individual’s data (“right to be forgotten”) and get social media platforms to only allow “verifiable identities” to create accounts.The party wants greater access for all to high-speed internet, before the 2030 timeline set by the Liberals, and better cell phone rates across the country. It too wants all transportation electrified across the country. Le chef de l'opposition officielle de sa Majesté (anglais : Leader of the Official Opposition) … It would end fossil fuel subsidies within a year and pledges that all electricity would come from renewable resources by 2030.The Bloc is committed to meeting the Paris agreement targets and to look at exceeding them. T�7�������)!��}o��&��2��n�" ����+�#�AOy�$�u�E�#��8�Q;�-��d��ex��%Q�`G1��G��yz�����*���*'�J��]f. The party also says every Canadian should have the right to a “living will” to limit or deny medical treatment. It would keep the small business tax rate at 9 per cent and change rules for family transfers to avoid “the unfair tax treatment.”.The Greens say they are “the party for small business.” They want to bring in a law that would force government to consider the impact on small businesses of all future legislation. #�0���ٴ`H��]�:�/���~��鏛�b��>�x�f-����+�V��jX��C"����zM��}D�I���z��;��=�������O��� yc� It also promises to keep old age security at 65, a diversion from Stephen Harper’s stance. They want to ban all neonicotinoid pesticides and some single-use plastics by 2022. Leader Maxime Bernier has said he would be willing to use the Constitution to “impose a pipeline in [his] own province of Quebec” — a move many Quebec politicians reject.The country's oil and gas sector is facing a serious pipeline capacity crunch, with all of the major export projects beset by delays. To reduce “red tape,” it proposes a 2-for-1 rule ⁠— for every new regulation, it would get rid of two others.New Democrats argue their plan for universal pharmacare would save small businesses money on benefits. The party would leave it to the provinces to decide if they want to put a price on carbon. The death of young Alan Kurdi, a symbol of the desperate plight of global migrants, prompted Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to promise to bring in 25,000 refugees in mere months if he became prime minister.Liberals have stressed their commitment to reconciliation while brushing off criticisms of their policies — including support for the Trans Mountain pipeline. Watch for Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to hit the trail to help carry that message for his federal counterparts, as the most vocal of the premiers challenging the constitutionality of the tax in court.Liberals would increase the Canada Child Benefit by 15 per cent for families with kids under one. It promises to complete flood maps for all of Canada and offer more money to communities to mitigate and adapt to natural disasters.Conservatives have committed to meeting Paris agreement targets, but would axe the carbon tax. The government signed a health-care funding agreement with the provinces and territories, promising a three per cent annual health transfer increase with more funding for mental health, addictions and home care programs. Eligible parties have applied to Elections Canada and met all of the legal requirements to be registered, other than running a candidate at a general election or by-election. They plan to tax luxury vehicles and tech giants generating revenue in Canada.Conservatives promise a “universal tax cut” of 1.25 per cent over three years on taxable income under $47,630. They want to extend health care coverage to include universal pharmacare plus dental care for low-income Canadians. While this has been the historical pattern in Canada, the uptick in participation from younger voters in the 2015 general election may be beginning to challenge this orthodoxy.The party got a lashing from small business after proposing tax reforms and had to backpedal. He said he wants those who produce the most emissions to “have the most burden” and vows to change the requirements slightly for industrial emitters.Leader Elizabeth May supports the carbon tax, saying putting a price on carbon has been “one of the cornerstones of Green Party climate policy for many years.” But she said it alone is not sufficient to meet the emissions targets of the Paris Accord, a target she hopes to double.The Bloc is in favour of a carbon tax but argues the Liberal plan doesn’t go far enough.

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