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Solco are leaders in the supply of Structural Waterpoofing, Gas Protection Systems, Sealants & Building Chemical Solutions to the construction … Advantages w Consistent strength. The main consideration to take into account when specifying concrete blocks is the structural loading that can be expected upon them. We have a wide choice of block spacers in a range of sizes. Aerated concrete blocks, or aircrete, first invented in the 1920s, How to Choose the Correct Blockwork. • Fire resistant. All MAX FRANK fibre concrete bar spacers meet the maximum fire resistance requirements. At RFA-Tech we have a comprehensive range of Concrete Spacers. Blocks shall have a density (calculated by dividing the mass of the block by the overall volume) in the range 1,500 kg/m3 to 2,160 kg/m3. Sales Enquiries: +44(0)870 0112881. Used on the floor Hi, … £0.01 inc vat. There is no heat/cold deformation and maintenance of concrete cover is guaranteed. Concrete covers for the rebars normally range from 15mm to 50 mm in the general RCC structures. 7.3, 10.4, 17.5, 22.5. Meshmen. The wide base of these rebar chair spacers prevent the chairs from tipping over. Block Paving Works Concrete Block Paving. Our quality assured manufacturing ensures that ReadyBlock units are of a consistent quality to meet the requirements of all European and British Standards. astron spacers. Enquiry. Related products. Used with Steel Reinforcement and Steel Reinforcement Mesh. Tamil Nadu ... these concrete spacers bond perfectly with the surrounding concrete. Spacers and chairs. July 29, 2018; Concrete paver blocks suppliers india. Visit Solco. Full range of Concrete Spacers including Square Bar, Mesh Blocks. CTC RMD LG2 BLOCK detailed specification and measurements. Recent Posts. Concrete Square Bar Spacers . Concrete Spacer Block 40/50. Excavate to reduced depth of at least 200mm below finished level (350mm below dpc) and cart all spoil to licensed, off-site tip. ROM. CB40/50. Also find here related product comparison | ID: 19792888612 Choose from a wide range of spacers to find the optimum type for your application. Karnataka. Clip-on Spacer. Hello, the spacer blocks work to reduce gap between the ceiling and trackset by up to 120mm, the opening height reducers works to reduces gap from between 127 to 457mm. Heavy-duty glass fiber reinforced concrete mesh spacer, safe to position on the plastic membrane or blindings. We supply our products to all over Kerala and we have more than 7 years of experience. They also come in a choice of pack sizes, from 100 to 1,000. Technical Specifications: Parameter PVC/Plastic Spacer Concrete cover blocks; Strength : Cannot be designated: M30 and more: Wastage: 10% to 15% - minimum: No Damages: Area Coverage: 150 to … Stable concrete meshblock spacers are ideal for supporting reinforcing bars above membranes. Blogger. Rectangular,Triangular, Snake Bar, etc. Tarmac Ultibed Flowing Concrete. Concrete Spacers From Precon Products. See also the SudsFlow Spacers for creating permeable pavements using conventional flags or block pavers. w Fire resistant. Concrete spacers, all sizes in stock. Adhesives 5 Arbo Sealants 6 BSSP Sealants 2 Everbuild Sealants 11 Expanding Foam 5 … Just like the reinforcement chairs as discussed in the previous article, the concrete spacer plays a vital role as well to keep and maintained the standard concrete cover required whether in beams, columns, wall, and slabs. w Excellent bond with concrete. But in the heavier infrastructures and in the harsh environmental conditions it may go up to 100mm and … Astron Spacers is one the leading cover blocks and concrete spacers manufacturing company, located in Ernakulam. Prev; Next; For more specification products visit our partner site. Product Code. Face sizes, mm (length x height) 215 x 65. Concrete Dustproofer. Data Sheets . Blocks shall be of work size 190 mm high, 390 mm long and 290 mm/190 mm/140 mm/ 90 mm thick, and shall be solid unless detailed otherwise. Trapezoidal Concrete bar 100mm. 140 . These concrete bricks have a high level of technical performance and sizes to meet a range of structural applications for all types of construction projects. Round Rebar Chair Spacers can also be used sideways on columns, cages and precast forms. Concrete Block 3 Pointed Spacer. Product Details. Category Concrete Spacers. Home; Reinforcement Bars; Reinforcement Mesh; Cut & Bent Rebar; Structural … CTC RMD A 03.01.18 Drawing revised & updated. Used with Steel Reinforcement and Steel Reinforcement Mesh. July 26, 2018; … Bespoke Welded Mesh Solutions. ASTRA cover blocks are used … October 30, 2018; Our Concrete Cover Block . Price on Application. C864-05(2019) Standard Specification for Dense Elastomeric Compression Seal Gaskets, Setting Blocks, and Spacers glazings~ elastomeric seals~ compression seals~ building construction~ The pavers should have uniform interlocking spacer bars of 2mm to 3mm to ensure compacted sand filling after vibration on the paver surface. • Quick and easy installation. w Quick and easy installation. It is important that sufficient spacers are used to maintain the correct cover and ensure that the bars remain in place during concrete placing and compaction. Although the standard GapFast Spacer is provided in the ever popular 10mm width, other widths can be ordered for specific projects, such as the 3mm spacers shown below which were cretaed for a job where very close, tight joints were required. Triple Cover Concrete Spacers. LG2 Block Recostal Reinforcement Continuity System. Bespoke Welded Mesh; Cut & Bent Reinforcement; Prestressing Strand and Wire; Construction Accessories . constituents in the Concrete Specification. We all know that maintaining concrete cover is a very significant aspect of the structural integrity of the building. With multiple tests conducted at reputed domestic and international test labs, ASTRA cover blocks have been approved and used in various prestigious projects. In doing so, you should consult a structural engineer, particularly if the building is more than two stories. Avoid Iron rusting and fill the moulding spacers by using cover block spacers. Concrete Square Bar . Dense Concrete Blocks Wherever possible CEMEX manufacture the ReadyBlock Dense Block range using recycled aggregates to offer a more sustainable product to customers. Starting at: £9.75 . Not currently Logged In - Login or Register. Date published: 2021-02-11. Wire Spacers 3 Concrete Spacers 5 Plastic Spacers 1 Tying Wire 2 Slab Accessories 5 Bolt boxes 3 Holding down bolts 1. • Excellent bond with concrete. The casting of the spacers outside the roadworks is made simple, through plastic mold for casting the concrete spaces , based on the technical requirements of the design drawings. Civils Store Construction Accessories. 2 Review(s) Starting at: £2.07 . Used to ensure specified concrete cover is achieved during concrete placement. Plastic Track Spacer 35mm (60m Pack) £0.01 ex vat. Enquiry. VYARA. Blocks Concrete blocks sizes and Dimensions Avg weight / block No. ASTRA is the pioneer in introducing concrete spacers (also known as cover blocks) in India. Manhole Reinstatement 12 Highway Ancillaries 6 Kerb Repair and High Specification Concretes 11 Cold Applied Asphalt 8 Bedding Mortars 13. Trapezoidal Concrete bar 35mm . Known for our friendly approach and local service we supply everything you need for a building project including: bricks,concrete blocks, timber, landscaping, sand and gravel, plasterboard and insulation. Enquiry. Select Store . Approximate usage - one coil of wire to 4 tonnes reinforcement. Downloads. Fibre concrete block spacers have minimal contact with formwork and can be used for small components. Downloads. This specification covers the properties of products made from dense thermoplastic elastomers used for compression seals, gaskets, setting blocks, spacers, and accessories for building construction sealing and glazing applications. 215 x 65. for spacer blocks we would recommend 1 per doors and for opening height reducers we recommend 1 per door plus 1. thank you Answered by: Spacepro Team. These will provide heavy-duty and accurate reinforcement within the formwork. Topcrete Coursing brick (7.3N, 10.4N, 17.5N & 22.5N) Block Thickness (mm) 100 . … Feel free to copy and paste these typical specifications into your own documents. of blocks per load Blocks price range 4 Inches. In fact, reinforced concrete spacers are constructed right by contractors at the roadworks, to ensure the quality of the spacer, as well as the progress of construction. Lego Interlocking Concrete Block 400 x 800 x 800mm (M / F Interlocks) LG2 CTC RMD 23-06-16 1:10 A O 23.06.16 For Information. Product Details. Concrete Cover Block. Mortar blocks which are usually prepared at site & tied with binding wire to the reinforcement to serve as spacer blocks are not only porous but do not have the required … Concrete Meshmen Spacers 40/50mm | Buildbase Builders Merchants is a national supplier of building materials open to both trade and public. Sealants & Adhesives. Linear or single spacer in cast concrete or fibre concrete, tunnel spacer, etc. Reinforcement Accessories . The spacers remain in-situ throughout the construction process allowing the reinforcement to become encased in concrete. Concrete Spacers. Sort By: 3 Item(s) Show: Concrete Spacers. Heavy duty concrete mesh spacers suitable for mesh reinforcement in ground floor slabs. • Consistent strength. Manufacturer. Fibre Reinforced Concrete Cover Blocks or Spacer Blocks are essential in reinforced concrete construction in order to maintain the position of the reinforcement, cover & spacing between bars as per specification. Concrete Spacer Blocks Description Concrete Spacer Blocks provide a comprehensive range of sizes giving single/double and triple cover spacing. Compressive strengths available . Sort By. Gripper and Tric-trac spacers are designed to support the steel reinforcement used within reinforced concrete structures. • Fits 6 – 20mm bar. 3. Fibre concrete bar spacers. Concrete Block Association 60 Charles Street, Leicester LE1 1FB Tel: 0116 253 6161 Fax: 0116 251 4568 Email: Website: Aggregate Concrete Blocks A Guide to Selection & Specification Introduction This guide has been produced to assist designers and specifiers with the selection and specification of building blocks, which are … BLOCK SPACERS A soft annealed 17g wire, supplied in coils. The correct cover to the reinforcement is normally created by spacers placed to keep the reinforcement a set distance (cover) from the formwork surface during construction. Welcome. What is the proper cover for the rebars?

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