danio et betta

haha all of my pets live alone, because they’re all solitary, which is a plus for me, I geuss. Check out the FishForums.net Monthly cloudy, my betta is lonely. he’s flared at my female, and tried to kill her. Les femelles par contre peuvent cohabiter ensemble. OMG ladynaoko,how is Steve now?? By Zerimar, 7 years ago on General Freshwater Questions. He just needs to gain a little more weight! I love fish and would never hurt them..... Bettas like their own space, tank mates can stress a Betta out, and stress in fish can weaken the immune system leading to illness. Im getting danios once th... Ok, so do zebra Danios eat other danios. Please believe me, Betta don’t need tank mates, and if you really want some tank mates, make sure that they are peaceful and will leave your betta alone. … here comes more stress.... fish have feelings just as much as you and me, rubber duck. Oct 22, 2020 - Zebra Danio at PetSmart. I have a 20 Gallon fish tank with 1 Betta Male and 6 Danio. I would drop the pellets when the others were not around. How is that any different to forcing your betta to live with another fish unnaturally because you see ‘loneliness in its eyes’  you say that because you want their to be loneliness there. Most less-active bottom dwellers do great with bettas; corydoras, khuli loaches, otocinclus, etc. you read and agreed to the. Initialement, Sundadanio a été créé pour classifier le Sundadanio axelrodi, d'abord rangé parmi les rasbora à cause de sa petite taille. Personally, I think bettas are splendid on their own. OR the betta will constantly chase the CPD's and they will inevitably die from stress. But I certainly would be stressed if I had 6 little children always running around me! They will continue to torment your betta. les danios, même pour 55L, c'est un juste il me semble car comme tu le dis, ils sont vifs, et aiment nager. My tank is a 40 gallon. After that, he knew to stay away from them! ( the male has been gone for a year. Mixing them with other fish is forcing them to live unnaturally. But for the first day of them being together, my betta would curiously chase them around the tank until the zebra danios schooled together and ganged up on my poor betta! So if you are a new fish keeper looking to keep danios and bettas together, BEWARE. So for the answer to the question: I believe that zebra danios and betta fish are not compatible. it would be super nice if you could do an experiment with a female betta & danios; as i’m planning to buy a lil’ danio for my female betta’s tank, as she’s lonely. Level: Beginner. They require different food, and have completely different requirements. Animal Advocate, there is no hating going on here. Histoire de remplacé mes turbulents tetra cuivré, je me suis tourné vers les danio rerio qui sont tout particulièrement adapté pour cohabité avec mes betta femelle. Here's my experience and my answer. Good potential tankmates may include barbs, corydoras catfish, similar-sized gouramis, loaches, and swordtails. With it all narrowing down, I would not suggest you keep betta fish and zebra danios together, as most experienced fish keepers will tell you, and we all have our reasons to believe that. I recently lost my betta cause I didn’t catch on to how sick he was. First, let me say that all the following happened in a 10 gallon tank with 6 zebra danios and a betta. Josh_Enrique is I have had a male betta and 6 neon tetras together now for 2 years and they are absolutely fine! D’où son autre nom, le « Combattant », les mâles se combattent, souvent jusqu’à la mort. Pour le volume de l'aquarium, c'est le volume minimal, un volume … Sujet: Re: cohabitation etre betta et danios rerios Ven 26 Mai 2006, 15:16 mais ce que je voulais c'etait avoir un 250l amazonien et mettre mon 100l en asiatique voila pour etre plus claire lutopiste all my fish are kept by themselves :) and would never be put together! It may not display this or other websites correctly. now as for bruiser and co, they obviously can’t read right. Betta and Zebra Danio. We are a family friendly community with an incredible resource of information for fish owners and enthusiast alike. Most likely with the zebra danios, they will stress poor mister betta out a lot. Are betta fish and zebra danios compatible? It will stress the fish if you keep them with other fish, especially nore lively ones such as danios. i know male and female bettas don’t live together. The tank is heavily planted and he had a floating beta log that he loved. What will happen is the CPD's may easily outrun the betta but the constant movement of the danio species may stress the betta in the longrun. Poor thing. And even if your betta does act aggressively towards your neon tetras, it’s extremely unlikely he’ll ever get a … They only now live alone because you learned they don’t get along. 3,307 3.3K. It was kinda fun feeeding him one pellet at a time too. Josh_Enrique thank you for being nice. find out if danios were friendly to female bettas. That’s another reason why I moved my betta within the first week of this experiment. My betta did manage to get a pellet or two every once in a while, but that was after I stood there with his pellets waiting for a while for the danios to clear up. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, I think that in most cases it ends up that the betta is better off alone. FishForums.net is one of the internet's oldest and premier Tropical Fish and Aquarium forums! J'ai une femelle betta qui est dans mon communautaire de 80L, elle est aussi speed que les danios sauf au moment de la nourrir. afin de préserver l'équilibre. De parts leur taille, il faut faire attention à ne pas les associer à de grandes espèces, ils risqueraient de servir de repas. Answer: there was a lot of fighting going on during feeding time. Its in my 160L multisocial aquarium with danio galaxy, betta splendens, Pangio kuhlii kuli, rasbora trigonostigma and few shrimps blue DREAM. By the first day of my experiment, I was already noticing fin nipping going on, and by the first week, you could tell that my betta’s fins were nipped. It was so bad that I absolutely had to move my betta to a smaller tank until I could buy a bigger tank for the zebra danios. I’ve had TONS OF FISH. It made me cry. I agree with Jeffster, it wasn’t very clear whether your fish were living together or not, but I’m glad to hear they are all separate. Because you said that you betta and goldfish were friends, we thought that you had them together. Sometimes my Zebra Danios chase each other around. Le Betta Splendens, plus communément connu sous le nom de poisson combattant du Siam (ou combattant), est un poisson deau douce à lallure gracieuse originaire du sud-est de lAsie. Maybe they are trying to... Are your danios aggressive, or are they just bored ? Why might that be a problem? I had my betta in with 3 tiger barbs once. However, I don’t believe that that is a fact that was proven. Two of the females seem perfectly fine and are off exploring the tank and when they run into each other or the tank mates there has been some looking but they swim on. The Zebra Danio (Danio rerio) is a freshwater fish species of the Cyprinidae family.They are a widely distributed species ranging from India up to Nepal. I would give the barbs flake and the betta pellets. If Paris ( my female betta ) is stressed due to having a tank mate, I’ll happily purchase another tank for one of the fish so they can live by themselves. Now, every betta is different so there’s no telling what your particular betta will do to your zebra danios. Please listen to cloudy, bruiser and co and josh. Anciennement appelé Microrasbora Galaxy, le Danio margaritatus est un tout petit poisson d’aquarium de moins de 3cm. I FREAKING AGREE WITH YOU. I have however given her plants & rocks to explore in. Il vit en groupe de 5 individus minimum. Goldfish are coldwater, bettas are tropical. Female bettas can live in a sorority, but they would not in the wild. if you saw her you’d feel bad for her, too. I can see it in her eyes. Many fish should not be kept with bettas, but there are some that really do work well with bettas. First, let me say that all the following happened in a 10 gallon tank with 6 zebra danios and a betta. I’m sorry if I sound Angry/mean as I don’t mean to be. Quant à la troisème, elle accueillera probablement les larves de libellule qui sont pour le moment dans le bassin, ainsi que des daphnies, aselles etc. yesterday i got 5 zebra danios... Zebra danio wont eat! Les Danios et Rasboras sont des petits poissons de banc vivant dans la partie médiane de l’aquarium. Betta fish do not get lonely, they are solitary by nature. I’m afraid the other one may have to move on. I do believe Cloudy wants the best thing for my fish but I think Bruiser and Co was trying to pick a fight. Joined Mar 7, 2004 Messages 465 Reaction score 0 Location Cardiff, Wales. Color: Bronze. I know ... How many coryadors and zebra danios in a 20 Long. she’s quiet cute :), Female bettas can live alone or in a sorority but often do better alone as they arent living in constant stress due to hierarchy disputes. My betta swags round the tank because let’s face it.. he is the boss and they all know it there has never been any aggression with them though. jeez....everyone blows up because I asked a question. One is that there was a TREMENDOUS amount of fin nipping going on during feeding time. I know this from experience. I didn’t know danios didn’t like warm water! Here are some points about zebra danios and betta fish compatibility based on my experience: Point #1: Zebra danios are HUGE fin nippers, and betta fish have HUGE fins. Thanks for the stress, Bruiser And Co ;). Point #4: Zebra danios move a lot and may stress out your betta. danios + betta = unhappy, hungry betta without fins. I’m actually not angry, but I don’t like it when people think they know what i’m doing with my fish. Because of zebra danios moving almost all the time and moving very quickly, your betta may feel threatened and become stressed. Ils vivent généralement en groupe de 6 individus minimum mais plus le banc est important mieux ils se sentent. They have got tons of experience and to gain experience yourself you need to listen to them. I doesn’t matter if I was giving feeding my betta with his pellets or I was giving the danios their flakes, the danios were always ready for more to eat. Fish of the Month, Pet of the Month. These members are trying to advise you what is best for Betta fish. no my betta’s tank is by my goldfish’s tank. I did a years’ worth of research on bettas, and also, Prince was to breed with paris ( yes, i did research on that, too. ) (stupid petstores) Anyways, the feeding problem occured to me also. It was actually funny and scary at the same time! Corys whiskers and gravel - Truth or Myth, Tank of the Month, There was some misunderstanding and confusion and I hope that it is cleared up now. Bettas are solitary fish in the wild so it makes sense to keep them alone in captivity as well. It would help a ton!!!!!!!!!!!! I study dogs, too. Bettas are however very inquisitive fish, so the best way of enriching your Bettas life is to provide her with lots of plants, rocks and driftwood to swim around and explore. Which is great, because neon tetras swim around the middle, which means they won’t be butting heads all the time. Il faut en plus, tenir compte du comportement intra-spécifique et inter-spécifique des poissons. By clicking 'Submit' or otherwise submitting this form you agree to the, By entering this site you declare I meant they don’t NEED other fish to thrive. I did an experiment to see how the betta would get along with my zebra danios, and this is why (by my experiment) I believe zebra danios may or may not live with bettas . So you did keep your fish together. So far the danio is doing good with the female betta, there hasn't been any fin nipping or so going on since I've put them together but I plan to buy a 5 Gallon to put the danio with atleast 4 more danios so it can live happy. Hi @animal advocate. Anyways, I think that betta fish are pretty great just how they are. ....that is except for my female betta & Breyer. Well done. I agree that fish have feelings but you cant see in their heads and know exactly what they are feeling. There are some fish that can live quite nicely with a betta. and I did everything right but he kept flaring at her & trying to nip her. thanks for the information....but.... female bettas can be kept with a lot of fish. about two months ago i bought a betta (from petsmart) with a ten gallon tank and filter. Since your tank is only 10g I … Here I will explain to you about my experiment with betta fish and zebra danios and the outcome. A thing found in sororities by a few of the members here is that the fish dont last as long due to stress. Le Danio Malabar est un poisson d’environ 8 cm adulte. :). Il est vite devenu populaire pour sa robe tacheté My betta, however, would not care less about his little tankmates. Fish of the Month, Pet of the Month and more! I always love seeing the results of experiments like this. Bettas AKA siamese fighting fish only meet 1 other fish to spawn, that’s it. she’s so pretty. Bettas tend to have a sorrowful look in their eyes. Il arrive qu’une femelle en tue une autre par jalousie sans doute. The other is not aggressive at all and is wary as she swims away. Jul 25, 2015 - Explore Fritz Aquatics's board "Rasboras & Danios" on Pinterest. Espérance de vie du Danio rerio et maladies courantes. There are two reasons why this problem is bad. Barbus Betta Cichlidés africains Cichlidés américains Corydoras et poissons chats Danios Escargots Gourami Loche Pléco et mangeur d'algue Poisson arc-en … What is the correct temp, water hardness, and PH for these little guys? Tank Size: 10-Gallons or … i had two in my tank for the cycli... Do leopard and zebra danios school together? They would live alone. and I probably would have 6 danios in a 40 gallon tank with my female IF danios and my female betta get along. Contests including the Tank of the Month, When reading these comments I agree with BruiserandCo, Rubber_Duck, and Cloudy. I agree. Cory Catfish. ). Please listen to us. I agree, if I were to oh Bettas with any tank mates it would be stuff like only Nerite Snails, Pygmy Cories, or Harlequin Rasboras and ev3n so depending on the Betta’s personality. She is patrolling, trying to stare down the glowfish which are much larger but they swim away. Passe le Betta dans le 35L et tu y mets le chauffage. I really liked this article, very well done. She has also done some face to face posturing with the other 2 bettas and one of them faces her head on and she then leaves. Not because there is. Bizarre par contre que ça ait fondu, il a du beaucoup chauffé pour en arriver là ! My fish are so cute & sweet and I’ll be looking for a great tank mate for a female betta. Amanda. Here's Steve a … Hello everyone! Two is that my betta got extremely skinny that you could almost see his spine! I have three zebra danios in a one gallon fish tank. he’s nice to her, my goldfish & my betta never lived together. i have my betta with 4 danios (3M, 1F) in a 5 gallon (17ltr) tank with a few real plants. I’m an expert on hamsters and getting there with fish. Even in a huge tank, if your betta isn’t that fast for food, the danios will sweep right in and steal it all. You could say that your goldfish is pleading for food all the time and kill it by overfeeding and causing bloat, but you wouldnt because it’s wrong. In the end, it’s always best to keep betta fish by themselves, as they have no need for any tankmates. -Les danios rerio ont besoin d'une eau froide à l'inverse du betta.-Les danios ont besoin d'un aquarium beaucoup plus grand (120L ) et ont besoin d'être maintenus en banc -Les danios sont peut-être trop remuants pour un betta... Je te conseilles de les rendre à ton animalerie ou de mettre une petite annonce sur leboncoin par exemple Point #2: Betta fish and zebra danios both LOVE to eat. See more ideas about aquarium fish, tropical fish, freshwater fish. Whatever you do please dont get tankmates for your bettas. I’ve wanted a dog for seven years ( no joke ). Thank You. I just REEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY love animals and I try to do the right thing but no one listens to what I say. I don’t even know how to explain it....but she’s sad.....my Goldfish, Breyer, could really care less about anything and she’s not sad one bit.

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