Become an i2Kn partner

Working with i2Kn, you will bring a unique, strong added-value solution to your clients. A new market is emerging, and we want to corner it with you


Your profile

You are a consultant: you guide companies in capitalizing on their skills and knowledge, sharing of expertise and innovation processes.

As an i2Kn consultant, your advantages include:

  • Training leading to certifications
  • Special access to information
  • Top access to sales and technical training


Your profile

You distribute information management software solutions and CRMs, and you wish to expand your offer.

In working with i2Kn, your advantages include:

  • Full i2Kn training
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Technical guidance

Work with i2Kn Inside

If you want to create a website in order to propose or share content, you will need IT and web design skills. With i2Kn, bypass the IT stage and concentrate only on web design. With i2Kn, use the i2Kn search engine to create your own business (CRM, content sharing, forums, etc.).

To find out more and to discuss possible partnerships, please contact us at 01 60 19 43 27, or by email at

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