A result of MeetSYS’s expertise in leading industrial innovation, i2Kn is a new approach to capitalizing on knowledge and reasoning

The i2Kn solution is a project of MeetSYS, the entity behind the idea, development and sales of this innovation.

I2Kn makes it possible to capitalize on tacit forms of logical reasoning and knowledge. It is a product of the experience and projects led by MeetSYS in the field of innovation engineering.

 From reasoning to i2Kn

Since 2003, MeetSYS has provided scientific consulting on problem-solving in matters of industrial innovation. For the past 15 years, our consultants have supported R&D teams in a variety of industries (mechanical, physics, chemical, etc.) and have worked with companies such as Hutchinson, Air Liquide, Arcelor Mittal, LVMH, Renault, Legrand, etc.

With impressive experience of over 400 projects, we decided to launch an innovation that would make it possible to further capitalize on reasoning (*). In 2013, after three years of research, the i2Kn approach was born. I2Kn is a method of formalizing the reasoning of career experts on issues specific to a given firm, and making this reasoning available for capitalization and re-use on a software platform.

(*) Reasoning: oral exchanges, or the tacit knowledge that has, until now, not been formally recorded. We model these exchanges via an interview that makes use of mental maps, ontologies and TRIZ models.

How does one record the reasoning of career experts?

It is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible, for an expert to express formally his or her knowledge. Our scientists carry out interviews which make it possible to record the experience of experts. During the interview, the expert is required to give structure to the terms and concepts that represent his or her area of expertise. These terms and concepts make up the referential of the specific subject in question.

Afterwards, similar to the approach of a psychologist, we help the expert to reconstitute his or her thoughts and reasoning. The MeetSYS interviewer is qualified with scientific and technical knowledge that echoes that of the expert.

How do we model and share reasoning?

We have tailor-made software in order to record this work: like a “wiki”, the software is used to create files, organize and structure them in the manner of a neuronal network. As such, reasoning may reconstituted and recorded on a single platform.

The architecture of the platform is such that different scenarios may be modeled depending on the context of the issue being examined, without duplicating information.

Who is it meant for?

The i2Kn technology requires no previous IT skills and required no maintenance. It is used like a word processing software. MeetSYS is able to tailor its offer in order to meet the needs of small, medium-sized, and large companies. Our product is also available for schools and associations and is always designed specially for the needs of the project at hand.


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