The collaborative scientific platform bringing together experts and knowledge on order to promote open innovation

i4Kn is the public, collaborative database created by MeetSYS.

i4Kn is the prime example of what the i2Kn technology can do.

i4Kn (Innovation For Knowledge Network) is an open innovation network linking experts, companies and laboratories around their technical and scientific knowledge bases, organized around functional uses.
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What is it?

I4Kn is a scientific community base specifically designed for organizing physical effects and technical functions around problems and solutions.

A technical problem is dealt with via reducing it to an elementary function in the i4Kn entry table.

For example, if you want to move a liquid, you may need to know that there are 44 effects of fundamental physics that allow for the moving of liquids.

Rather than brainstorming endlessly, you could visit, where you’ll find the answers to your questions and a group of experts whose pooled knowledge will help you to solve your problems.

What is the relationship between i4Kn and our clients?

The i4Kn content is directly accessible from our clients’ knowledge bases; these bases have been created using i2Kn. The content is available as dynamic links of different colors, which lead from private to public databases. The industrial client therefore may access living scientific content that will enrich its own data and will help to identify external experts working in its particular field. The payoff for i4Kn contributors is that they gain exposure to our client.

I4Kn creates links between several databases and breathes life into a new scientific community.


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