Choose your i2Kn solution depending on your use

License I2Kn, use it in SaaS mode, or purchase i2Kn Inside – our offer is tailored to your needs.

License i2Kn

  • Create a knowledge database
  • Interview internal experts and integrate their knowledge
  • Train users
  • Operational, scalable database maintenance
  • Hosting managed either by the client on the client server or by MeetSYS, who will organized Cloud hosting.

Advantages of an innovation process

  • Share knowledge confidentially thanks to a language that is common to all Research and Development departments across all industries.
  • Instantly identify technologies and/or experts, avoid dealing several times with the same problem, and speed up the innovation process, saving months or even years.
  • Capitalize on thought and reasoning in order to structure knowledge and preserve traceability. As such, time is saved and the chances of repeating work already accomplished is diminished.

Strengths for the company

  • Avoid repeating R&D work and process thanks to information gathered and shared, and thanks to technological building blocks that are easily identified
  • Adapt the database to a given industry, which allows for the optimization of problems/solutions based on expertise in all scientific fields; create a repertory of experts in the company based on skills and knowledge
  • Train future experts
  • Gather resources necessary make headway on a project
  • Collaborate on R&R and Production projects
  • Identify problems that have already been resolved in the company, identify external experts
  • Capitalize on the knowledge and skills of experts before their retirement
  • Capitalize on exchanges between internal and external experts

Human Resources Advantages

  • Identify experts based on their operational skills and previous experience, rather than on their résumés alone.
  • Maintain professional profiles that are updated by the collaborators themselves as they add the experience they have accumulated inside the company
  • Preserve the history of teams created internally and projects accomplished in order to optimize project management

i2Kn in Saas mode is made for businesses, associations and individuals looking to create a social network in (almost) a single click.


I2Kn in SaaS mode allows you to:

  • Share technical, legal and juridical documentation within a community or with partners and clients
  • Create an FAQ with clients or suppliers
  • Easily create a collaborative, content-filled website without specific IT skills
  • Communicate with clients about a project
  • Collaborate with peers on specific cases

With I2Kn in Saas mode, benefit from increased visibility on the public i4Kn database and be identified as an expert within a private community.

Offers i2Kn i2Kn in SaaS Mode
Collaborate on a project
Locate an external expert
Share experience within a community
Share information
Centralize information
Create an FAQ
Create a technical CRM
Find information easily
Identify an internal expert
Develop decision-making help
Capitalize on thought and reasoning
Anticipate retirements
Train future experts
Identify previously-resolved problems
Create an expert community
Promote intangible assets

I2Kn Inside

You are an association, a company or an individual and you wish to create a website or a business using the i2Kn technology. The i2Kn Inside program is for you. We will provide you with the software and you are free to use it as you please. Manage your content, your users, and your revenues with i2Kn Inside.

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