i2Kn in SaaS mode, improve reactions sales and marketing reaction times

i2Kn in SaaS mode allows you to create product files for your products and manage a easy-to-use question-and-answer forum dedicated to client communication. Your client will be guided automatically to the hints and information needed to use your products optimally. Typically, the use of one product in a given professional context is different from the use of the same products in another context.

Client after client, question after question, i2Kn in SaaS mode is enhanced to create a veritable scenario-based CRM. I2Kn in SaaS optimizes the time spent on answering client questions and improves sales and marketing team reaction times. Case studies.

Welding company

A ten-year-old, medium-sized welding business employing 30 people wishes to improve its client relations.


The company has decided to propose tips to its clients about how to improve the use of it products and will facilitate expected user returns on the products sold. Today, in order to respond specifically to its clients’ questions, the company has established a hotline. However, it needs a dedicated telephone line, because each case is specific and the response given must correspond to the context.


The company’s customer service manager creates a dedicated application using the special i2Kn Inside offer. The number of users is unlimited and all customers can access the too. Using i2Kn, MeetSYS created a website for company based on its specific corporate identity. Finally, the company went through several hours of e-training in order to learn how to use the software.


The company already has a wiki and a product catalogue. The MeetSYS team used this material in order to build a i2Kn base on which people and their corresponding products are inventoried and organized. As soon as a new product is released, a new file is created and the virtual catalogue grows. Each of the company’s clients is given access to the company’s product database, which helps to refine user lists. When a client encounters a problem or wishes to ask a question about a product (product adjustment and control, uses, etc.) the client simply accessed the file in question. The client is thus either able to identify the problem directly and can solve it by following the i2Kn pathways, or the client presents the problem via the specialized question-and-answer forum. The product manager is then informed instantly of the client’s question and can respond without leaving his or her workspace.

Using the i2Kn technology, each question is linked to a product file and is an integral part of the database. As such, it remains indexed in the base and can serve future clients.

I2Kn contains a repertory of contexts, uses and questions so that it can put the right people in touch, thereby simplifying client relations.


No hotline needed, and no special IT skills required. Easy, quick use and intuitive ergonomics.

Each product manager may manage his or her time and personalized client relations, which amounts to real time savings for all parties involved

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