A smart “FAQ” that chooses the appropriate answers to the questions asked

I2Kn in SaaS mode is the software solution best adapted to the needs of online community looking to solve problems. I2Kn in Saas mode incorporates real scenarios into question asked. You will be able to create your own content and let the technology structure it for you. The i2Kn FAQ in SaaS mode selects the appropriate responses to the question asked and gives easy and quick access to the information needed, or to the relevant expert, which will lead to the resolution of the problem. Case studies.

Ophthamologists’ Association

The association wishes to a create simple platform in order to improve the quality of exchanges between specialists, which should help doctors to diagnose patients.


The association needs to create a digital FAQ that will contain organized, structured information to guide doctors, some of whom work in secluded areas, in making the right diagnosis (the problem) and in finding colleagues with whom they can discuss clinical cases (the solution).


The association’s community manager logs onto www.i2Kn.com. He or she requests a trial of the platform and names the new database. Alexis, a member of the association, create a file per common theme among the doctors: retina, cornea, neuro-ophthamology, etc. For each situation, Alexis works with an expert within the association’s network. Together, they work to create several succinct content files for each anatomic zone and they record each commonly-encountered pathology. Then, for each file, they refer to one or two experts on the subject. Neither of them needs to worry about the database’s structure, since i2Kn in SaaS is built for them, with smart links that connect problems and their solutions. The foundations of their FAQ have been laid.


A young ophthamologist has recently moved out to the countryside. In one of his patients, he discovers a retinal anomaly he has never seen before. He has doubts about the diagnosis, so he visits the i2Kn site for the association and looks through the information files on retinal pathologies. He finds a clinical case that resemble the one he is currently faced with. He sees that an expert on the subject has been filed in the i2Kn database. In just a few clicks, he contacts the expert. The two doctors communicate via the forum and are able to exchange information. The young doctor is thus able to orient his patient to a more specialized medical service.


The association thus promotes the growth of discussion communities and the sharing of clinical cases, which reduces the number of clinical errors made. Solutions are found rapidly to the questions asked.

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