Speed up the decision-making process with i2Kn

i2Kn in SaaS mode is the simple software system with excellent ergonomics that will allow you to create a different kind of website. Its technology connects problems and solutions, re-creating the context of a situation in order to guide users to the proper response.

i2Kn in SaaS mode helps users to make decisions.

A legal support association 

Its objective is to guide people in their legal decision-making processes and to help people in need with their legal paperwork so that they may find solutions to their problem.


A person in an emergency situation is not necessarily apt to contextualize his or her situation in order to find a proper solution quickly. The association studies the person’s background in order to find a solution properly adapted to the problem. The primary goal is to put the person in touch with the teams best suited to help them. Then, the association guides them to social and legal help they need. But this process must be tailored to the suit each case and context. A special is needed to respond to the association’s unique approach.


The person in need can use the platform as a place to describe his or her situation and the problem faced. Then the association creates a personalized strategy that involves the entire volunteer network.


The association uses i2Kn Inside to create a website meant for its members. On one hand, i2Kn will describe the possible scenarios based on the context and situation of the person in need (in case of aggression, accident, robbery, etc.) i2Kn will then connect the scenario and the different help organizations in order to bring adapted solutions quickly to those who seek them. With i2Kn, the teams working within the association are able to create an intuitive database that contextualizes each situation and brings the help and personal support needed to the person or people in need.


A person in need can easily describe his or her situation. The association can quickly establish the proper response for the person, without having recourse to specialized IT support.

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