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I2Kn in SaaS mode is the foundation for all your expert communities. Organize content, provide relevant feedback, find the right contacts, promote sharing – i2Kn in SaaS mode is 100% scalable and adapts to your needs with each new content added.

Finding partners in labs and a university

A science university works together with a network of labs. They form a community of methods to develop new technologies.


The labs function independently and the technical knowledge needed of each actor is not necessarily shared by each laboratory. Despite the community tools in place (social networks, Google documents, etc.), the lab scientists are still identified only by their résumés and not by the concrete skills they possess. Too much time is wasted searching for the right person.

This is why the university wishes to create a website in order to identify experts who are linked directly to their skills.


The university established a partnership with MeetSYS, which offers special prices for public Ministries of Education, association and charities or non-profit organizations.


MeetSYS created a website for the university and its partners. Each lab created a summary file which presents its overall activities. Each activity is then listed again in a more detailed file containing technical knowledge and the names of experts. I2Kn organizes these contents in a simple and flexible way with excellent ergonomics.

Each lab and each partner have access to the platform. Each entity can therefore locate a specific piece of information and/or the right person to contact in order to work on a specific project, or simply to discuss a subject and refine knowledge.


Recognition of experts, optimized exchanges and knowledge- and methods-sharing among each participating actor and/or entity. The Octopus database is completely flexible, with a structure that adapts seamlessly to each new addition.

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