Create a directory of experts in order to encourage open innovation

A well-known firm has made i2Kn into “who’s who” of experts working in its industry. Simple and efficient, i2Kn helped this company create a community that promotes open innovation.


The company is a leader in gas, technology and service for the health industry.


Build an internal scientific community that promotes creative intelligence. Innovate in order to find new products and corner new markets in uncovering forgotten molecules.

The community wishes to capitalize on and spread its knowledge base in order to come up with better and quicker innovations.


I2Kn has become one of this company’s main community tools and has a section specifically dedicated to it.


The knowledge base and files are being built, and the base will then be structured and filled.


For the company, i2Kn represents the implementation of a dynamic, simply-made platform that will attract new contributors. They will have been able to create an efficient directory of experts in the field.

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