Capitalize on knowledge and train new experts

An international industry group has chosen i2Kn to speed up the training of new materials experts and to improve the sharing of best practices.

 The  Client

An international group that develops high-performance elastomers used in sealing and vibration, thermal and acoustic isolation and in fluid transfers…


The company would like to capitalize on the essence of its researchers’ knowledge (50 people) in chemistry in order to preserve the company’s sets of knowledge and heritage, train young researchers and innovate using reasoning.


Definition of the contents to capitalize: around 20 themes (for example, metal adhesion/polymers).

Group: 50 physics/chemistry experts

Scientific interviews: carried out in groups of two or three

Formalizing knowledge: modeling i2Kn files in the back-office using documents provided by the company, structuring and filling the database

Project length: 50 days

Client advantages

Training of new experts, improving communication, sharing of best practices. Creating a community based around content in order to share experiences and resolve problems quickly.

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