Build your knowledge base, easily

Train new experts, improve communication, share best practices. In the end, you’ll create a community based around common content, sharing experiences and resolving problems quickly.

The scientific experts at MeetSYS will guide you in building your databases of thought and reasoning. To do so, they will carry out interviews with your specialists in order to map and record reasoning, experience, and knowledge. These expert-to-expert exchanges will permit the sharing of vocabulary and scientific culture and will optimize processes in order to bring forth the methods necessary to moving forward with your project. The MeetSYS consultants will then work with this language to make it accessible to a larger group of people within the company. The interview is intended to record, using explicit knowledge, the tacit knowledge that experts use to solve technical problems.

The reasoning pathways of the various experts will come together to form the knowledge network, that is the sharing of knowledge and linking of your expert community working together on a collaborative software.

A database of thought and reasoning pathways is built step-by-step. At each step, one or several themes are developed. Similarly, the database is put to use in an incremental fashion. As the base grows, the experts interviewed along with the people involved in a given project linked to a theme are asked to join the i2Kn network. They receive training and are then part of the community.

Contrary to what one might imagine, the databases are created and built quite quickly. Our database i4Kn, which comprises more than 2,000 pages – each page representing a neuron – is for example already completed. The network is fully built…

The MeetSYS teams are available to guide you in formalizing your reasoning and thought pathways. They will also show you how to launch your database and will train you to use it and continue to develop it once it has been launched.

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