Capitalize on, add value to and hand down your company’s intangible assets.

Capitalize on the intangible assets and experience of your company with the help of a new community of experts. Enrich and preserve the knowledge and skills of your teams, add value to your company’s intangible assets and anticipate the retirement of your team members. This is i2Kn.

Preserve, promote and hand down your company’s intangible assets. I2Kn is the simple software solution, no maintenance or IT skills required. It is designed in order to help you share your tacit knowledge and good practices with experts in your industry. More than your ideas, speed the process of innovation by sharing your reasoning.

Read about different cases in order identify your needs and learn more about i2Kn:

  • Carry out technical diagnostic tests with partners or clients, taking advantage of the shared knowledge emerging from use cases
  • Work with communities of experts with the help of an industry encyclopedia: professional community management tools such as CSR and ECM do not yet allow conversations among experts to be saved. But with i2kn, questions and projects are linked to chains of thought and reason, and so actors optimize time and effort spent working on them.
  • Create summaries of complex projects through maps of the industry expertise necessary to a given project. As such, resources will be more easily tied to the causes of the issues encountered during project problem-solving…
  • Collaborate on projects: using the maps of a given project’s functional sectors, share securely the ideas and reasoning put forward by the different actors of a given internal or external project .
  • Solve a problem: learn about and adopt a reasoning path that led to the resolution of a similar problem; provide details about the procedure (particularly relevant in post-production feedback)
  • Identify internal or external experts in my company who work in a field connected to my situation, and contact them for support, either directly or via the question-and-answer tool on the platform
  • Encourage the development of future experts in training them to use the knowledge of older experts; foster a culture of “problem-solving” though cause-and-effect reasoning.
  • Capitalize on the skills of experts before they leave for retirement.
  • Create a directory based on knowledge and not on skills.

Identify more quickly the causes of problems and conflicts: innovate using reasoning and gain access to the i2Kn database of physical effects and elementary functions, i4Kn.

Example: Moving a liquid, 44 physical effects become available when examples of applications are given

Promote your company’s intangible assets

Company A medium-sized firm specialized in industrial vision makes control and measuring systems for the automobile, food-processing and packaging industries. Need The company wishes to preserve and promote its knowledge in order to move ahead on the market. It wishes to capitalize on the knowledge of a expert in order to simply training for successors […]


i2Kn, preserve and enrich your knowledge

Company Leader in the luxury industry. Problem The database is build in order to quickly solve technical problems. When a bench problem occurs, technicians realize that little information is provided from the moment the problem is identified to its solution. The expert in the index is a person who has worked for the company for […]


Create a directory of experts in order to encourage open innovation

Company The company is a leader in gas, technology and service for the health industry. Problem Build an internal scientific community that promotes creative intelligence. Innovate in order to find new products and corner new markets in uncovering forgotten molecules. The community wishes to capitalize on and spread its knowledge base in order to come […]


Capitalize on knowledge and train new experts

 The  Client An international group that develops high-performance elastomers used in sealing and vibration, thermal and acoustic isolation and in fluid transfers… Need The company would like to capitalize on the essence of its researchers’ knowledge (50 people) in chemistry in order to preserve the company’s sets of knowledge and heritage, train young researchers and […]


Build your knowledge base, easily

The scientific experts at MeetSYS will guide you in building your databases of thought and reasoning. To do so, they will carry out interviews with your specialists in order to map and record reasoning, experience, and knowledge. These expert-to-expert exchanges will permit the sharing of vocabulary and scientific culture and will optimize processes in order […]


Capitalize in order to anticipate retirements

Company Company: A company specialized in glass production, transformation and distribution. Need: An expert is able to describe every flaw observed in the glass and can detect the origin of the problem all the while preserving production yield figures. The goal here is to capitalize on the expert’s capacity, simply from studying a photo of […]

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