A new generation of collaborative solutions to capitalizing on knowledge and ideas.

i2Kn produces the living memory of your company or community of experts on an intuitive, collaborative software dedicated to the capitalization of knowledge and reasoning.

On one hand, i2Kn is an approach (a method and a software) used to capitalize on the knowledge and reasoning that make up a company’s human resources.

  • Capitalize on knowledge
  • Create a community of experts
  • Preserve ideas and thought
  • Promote your company’s intangible assets
  • Anticipate retirements

On the other hand, the software is a simple way to create communities. I2Kn, a SaaS software, allows you to share experience as you would on forums or wikis, using an intuitive approach designed for small entities, towns, schools, associations, etc.

  • Decision-making support
  • Question-and-answer forum
  • Smart CRM
  • Community creator

i2Kn in SaaS mode, the smart social network for groups of experts

i2Kn, a Saas software, creates bases of knowledge which function as social networks. The bases develop a community rallied around a common content (an industry, an interest, a social issue, etc.) in order to share examples, questions, experience, knowledge, processes, and scenarios. What makes i2Kn unique is that it may be used immediately. It is […]


Capitalize on, add value to and hand down your company’s intangible assets.

Preserve, promote and hand down your company’s intangible assets. I2Kn is the simple software solution, no maintenance or IT skills required. It is designed in order to help you share your tacit knowledge and good practices with experts in your industry. More than your ideas, speed the process of innovation by sharing your reasoning. Read […]

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