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we are not supplier of the keys we are just only sharing the information which is posted by satellite experts in different open for public satellite tv forums. This is unknown to the user of the decoder. Cricket Feed Biss Key on AsiaSat 5 at 100.5°East Today 2021; Netsat QAE Trophy FTA Biss Key on Paksat 1R at 38.0°E 2020; CNN Indonesia HD Biss Key on Telkom 4 at 108.0°East 2021; IRIB Channels with All Satellite Working Biss Key 2021; Duronto TV Biss Key on Bangabandhu 1 at 119.1°East 2021; Klan HD Biss Key on Eutelsat 16A at 16.0°East 2021 Biss:22 22 22 66 22 22 22 66 PowerVu is a conditional access system for digital television developed by Scientific Atlanta. Here is the Biss Key for RTA Sports, but you have to follow us on social media to get the key. TP: 3920 H 28340. Offers HackSat From 10-10-2019 TO 10-11-2019 | 4 Cccam 15 euro 12 month Contact us: [email protected] SKYPE: rachid hacksat whatsapp +212600767179 Ad blocker detected: Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. BISS is a system used on private video feeds shared via satellite between organisations. Latest Biss Keys. BISS-E (E for encrypted) is an variation where the decoder has stored one secret BISS-key entered by for example a rightsholder. Biss: AA BB CC 31 DD EE FF CA . RTA Biss Key 2019: Since RTA will most probably be moved to the new Pakistan DTH service zone. Test8 (iTVN) Hotbird 13°E 11393 V 27500 22-06-2015. 11.766 H SR.27500 2/3 Unian TV (Test1) OLD CW: 11 11 11 33 11 11 11 33 20.02.2020-----Astra 4 The user is then sent a 16-digit hexadecimal code, which is entered as a "session key". AXN NETWORK. All Satellite Dish Channels Biss Key And PowerVU Keys: PowerVu Key. Organisations like the EBU/Eurovision use BISS to distribute their content to partners securely. Disney XD Asia HD Disney Junior Asia SD ORTM 2 Intelsat 25 @ 31.5° West 12344 V 2121 7/8 SID:0001 20-06-2015. But still, this Latest 2019 key for the Afghanistan Channel is still working for many people. Apstar-7@76.5E. We are here to update about Biss Keys of satellite TV channels, these all biss keys are being published on internet by different websites. Simple BISS works by the two parties sharing a common key, the sender then encrypts the broadcast and the receiver uses the key to decode that video. You might not even get the transmission by using the Biss Key. All Satellite Biss Key Update Today 2019 Eutelsat 5 West A @ 5° West FREQ 3726 R 29950 MPEG 2 - 4:2:0 - SDTV ID: Occa AFRICA 1 & 2 PowerVU Key: 00: A4 4C 5D BD CE 3B 8700 01: BD B4 CA 48 81 E9 E800. this is the hobby of those satellite tv experts they are doing for fun and education purpose. Gazi TV Biss Key & New frequency 2019 Gazi TV Biss & Frequency Apstar 7 date 05-02-2020 Standard/Format DVB-S2 8PSK MPEG-4 Channe Gazi TV Language Bengali Transponder 3805 H 4800 Frequency 3805 Polarity H Symbol Rate 4800 FEC 2/3 Encryption Clear GAZI TV Satellite: Apstar 7 at 76.5°East Frequency: 3806 H 4800 MPEG.4/HD Biss FTA … Biss key: 03 27 02 2C 10 62 51 C3 . [1]

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