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Benedict Cumberbatch, When speaking to his two sons within his Treasure Room regarding the future of the throne, Odin attempted to teach the two to value peace above war while dealing with all of their enemies. That issue revealed the hammer was growing heavier for Thor, and it was Loki himself who noticed his brother's grunt when lifting Mjolnir.While the reason Mjolnir is growing heavier for Thor remains unknown at this time, it could be a direct correlation as to why Loki is now able to lift it. Stars: Matthew Wolf, | He mocked Thor for his compassion towards humanity and him enslaving Earth would be nothing less than a petty, spiteful attack towards his older brother. Rachel McAdams, When hanging over the Bifrost, though, he referred to him as "brother", despite having previously disowned him only a few minutes earlier, though this was soon revealed to be an illusion, and another trick to use against Thor. Growing up, Loki believed he was an actual prince of Asgard and so genuinely thought he could be King. While Fandral had also noted that at the very least Thor was merely banished and not dead, noting they would have never survived if the Einherjar guard had not informed the King of their true plans, with Volstagg also questioning exactly how the guard had known. Tell us what you think about this feature. | Thor tries to stop him and the two engage in combat. He had a deep hatred of Odin and Thor due to supposedly being the least favored son and constantly rejected by Thor himself. Chris Hemsworth, Votes: Loki resisted only for a moment — the strength of Thor’s lust had always been infectious, and now his own cock was twitching in anticipation. Nice Peter, TV-14 | Did you kill him?Loki and Thor. The conversation stopped, however, when lightning began shooting from the sky, signaling the arrival of Loki's brother. RELATED: King Thor #1 First Look Pits Thor Against Loki in Their Final Battle Many of King Thor's adventures have played out in Thor: God of Thunder and its spinoff Thor titles, with even a Phoenix-powered Wolverine joining in the festivities as they took on a powered-up Doctor Doom. Loki was an ever-scheming individual; the God of Mischief, he meddled in people's lives and even led them to their inevitable deaths as it made him feel powerful, and often used superior ploys or ulterior designs upon his enemies, such as Thor and the Avengers. He had an unfounded superiority over and deep hatred for humans, and this enforced his thinking that he was entitled to rule them; simply because he could, due to mankind's history of following people with power, Loki simply believed that they would view him as a benevolent dictator instead. | When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program called Ultron, things go horribly wrong and it's up to Earth's mightiest heroes to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plan. Thor then offered him Mjølnir, but Loki told him it belongs to him if he is worthy of it, knowing full well that he could not take it from him. I've betrayed you many times before, but this time it's truly nothing personal. I know you loved him. | ""Do you not truly feel the gravity of your crimes? ""Never one for sentiment, were you? Furthermore, Loki also felt that he was viewed as nothing more than a trophy and tool instead of an actual son by Odin despite all evidence to the contrary. Forrest Whaley You saw how he was today. According to both Thor and Thor: The Dark World, the Bifrost is not the only way to travel between the Realms.Loki is aware of secret portals that bind the Nine Realms together; he was able to get Frost Giants from Jotunheim to Asgard without any trouble, and traveled directly to Earth without needing to use the Bifrost.In the second film, Loki even shows one of these … Sure, those never-ending Asgardian feasts must be fun, but we're talking Natalie Portman. I thought the Valkyrie had all died gruesome deaths. Earth's mightiest heroes must come together and learn to fight as a team if they are going to stop the mischievous Loki and his alien army from enslaving humanity. Action, Adventure, Fantasy. Now armed with the Sakaaran Laser Rifles, Loki and Thor had together charged straight through all the Sakaaran Guards who had been ordered to stand in their way. ""Heavens, no. With centuries to be spent alone by himself, Loki's only source of amusement was to watch as new prisoners arrived in the Dungeons and to read the many books that Frigga would send him. If it's all the same to you, I'll have that drink now.Loki to the Avengers, Barely able to move from the beating he had received from Hulk, Loki eventually summoned the strength to crawl only to find himself face to face with the Avengers, who had defeated the Chitauri army and closed the Tesseract's portal. Eventually, the return of Thor forced Loki to reveal his deception as the pair journeyed together to find Odin, arriving just in time to witness Odin's death. The villains Thor and Loki face in MCU Phase 4 could be a direct result of Avengers: Endgame.Serving as the Infinity saga's grand finale, Avengers: Endgame phased out the MCU's original team.Iron Man is dead, Captain America is wrinkly, and Black Widow's story would've already concluded were it not for her solo film being delayed.Meanwhile, Hawkeye … Thor is banished. I mean, honestly, how do you keep your food down? What of the lives you took on Earth? During his reign, Loki continued to rule Asgard by sending Sif on missions to Earth to investigate the attacks of Lorelei and Vin-Tak. while trying to regain Mjølnir. Daniel Thorn, Next time with an army.Loki to Thor. The Avengers ignored his request and took him into custody. | Joss Whedon With Odin having been temporarily rendered comatose due to falling into the Odinsleep, Loki sat by his bedside with Frigga, he asked her more questions about his heritage following his discovery of being part Frost Giant and the son of Laufey, wanting to know why the truth had been kept from him for so many years as Frigga insisting they had not wanted him to feel any different. Thor told Loki that he planned to confront Malekith on Svartalfheim and he needed Loki's knowledge of the pathways between worlds. Taking a drink as he entered, Loki watched while Thor put on his helmet and prepared for the battle, armed with Doug's Mace and Shield and a pair of swords, with Loki still remaining confident that he would make a grand profit out of watching Thor lose in the upcoming battle. As a master of deceit and trickery, Loki utilized his duplicitous nature within combat. : 2.12: Who You Really Are, The Most Guarded Secret of 'Thor: Ragnarok' Was an A-List Cameo, 'Avengers: Endgame' directors describe the 100-hour workweeks and tremendous pressure of making their $2 billion blockbuster, Loki's Thor: The Dark World Death Was Originally Permanent, JOSS WHEDON EXPLAINS WHY THERE'S NO LOKI IN 'AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON', Hulk speaks in awesome new trailer for Thor: Ragnarok. Shortly after Odin died and Thor learned the truth about Hela and how Asgard really rose to power, Loki genuinely felt sympathetic towards Thor as he had just found out that everything he knew was false, much like how Loki himself did after finding out he was a Frost Giant. We're outnumbered! Because no matter how much you claim to love me, you could never have a Frost Giant sitting on the throne of Asgard!Loki and Odin. Despite his direct orders, Loki soon learned that the Warriors Three and Lady Sif had used Himinbjorg and traveled to Earth via the Bifrost Bridge. Rick Gomez, Andy Signore Loki’s driving motivation towards the beginning of Thor 1 may not have been taking the throne for himself, but rather saving the Asgard from Thor’s rash and warmongering rule. Season 1, Episode 1 TV-MA CC HD CC SD. Thor thanked him and left the room. Thus, Frigga's death was avenged. I'm sorry. | Gross: Stars: Loki then enjoyed a prolonged period of several weeks drinking with the Sakaarans and telling stories of the Duel at the Rainbow Bridge, enjoying all of the reactions he got from telling these such stories of his own life before he had arrived within Sakaar. I want to know everything you can tell me about this team of his. … Always have been.Thor to Loki, Look, why don't you let me take over? He was the main antagonist of Thor and The Avengers, minor antagonist turned anti-hero/tritagonist of Thor: The Dark World and the deuteragonist of Thor: Ragnarok. 597,213 He's arrogant, he's reckless, he's dangerous! When they reached Earth, they discovered that the retirement home within New York City where Loki had left Odin had been bulldozed, which left Loki with no idea where Odin was now. In the aftermath of the battle, I went into the temple and I found a baby. Loki had soon found his brother and sat calmly next to him, comforting him over his disappointment in Odin not crowning him as the king due to the actions of the Frost Giants. Added to this, Loki firmly believed that freedom was life's great lie and that no-one was truly free and everyone was oppressed in some way. Laufey came to Odin's bedroom, attacking and knocking down Frigga who attempted to defend her husband before finding his greatest enemy defenseless as he lay in his Odinsleep now completely unguarded. custody aboard the Helicarrier. ""Satisfaction is not in my nature.Loki and Thor. I think it really might be true.Rocket Raccoon and Thor, Having fully reconciled with Loki and witnessing his brother's death, Thor condemned him for saving the Space Stone. We played together, we fought together. ""Oh, the skull of Surtur. In the end, you will always kneel.Loki. As both Thor and Loki insisted that they would both be ready to become King of Asgard, Odin noted that only one of them would be able to take the throne. 115 min An often remarked flaw of Loki's was that he not only lacked conviction but often failed to appreciate the long term consequences his actions might have as stated by Phil Coulson and Iron Man shortly before the Battle of New York. After learning that Laufey was in actuality his biological father, he did not even mention this to him on Jotunheim and later murdered him when he attempted to kill Odin. | | Directors: [6], I assure you, brother... the sun will shine on us again. Who are you? The only woman whose love you prized will be snatched from you. An aerial chase in which Loki chased down Black Widow left his craft destroyed when Loki confidently caught one of Hawkeye's arrows, which then exploded, causing him to crash land back on Stark Tower. Notes. So cruel to put the hammer within your reach, knowing that you could never lift it. Seeing Thor being beaten into submission by Kurse, Loki ran to his brother's aid. lokilaufeyson, marvel, thor. Thor and Loki are forces of dissonance and harmony. I, Loki, Prince of Asgard, Odinson, the rightful King of Jotunheim, God of Mischief, do hereby pledge to you, my undying fidelity.Loki to Thanos. You talk about peace and you kill cause it's fun. and then he stabbed me. Anthony Russo, | | Upon arriving for his trail, Loki then greeted Frigga and asked if he had finally made her proud, as Frigga begged Loki not to make the situation any worse, although Loki joked that it could not get worse. Kid Loki was a reborn Loki from Thor and Journey into Mystery comics. Thank you.Loki and Thor. Knowing he had to move his plans forward, Loki then welcomed Laufey and his small army of Frost Giants to Asgard and showed him the way to Odin, walking past the frozen body of Heimdall on their way. [6], I've looked forward to this day as long as you have. | Director: | Loki refused, claiming that nothing could stop his war. Daniel Baxter 1 Biography 1.1 Early Life and Encounters 1… 4: Despite this, Loki showed to be capable of using him, as when he, Thor and Valkyrie plotted how to get Thor out of Sakaar, Loki suggested to use Hulk. I won't touch Barton! Thor, stop and think! Thor sure does. How low had he fallen, that even Thor who Loki had known for over a thousand years cared more for these mortals that Thor had known for only a few days, that he cared for him who he claimed to love like family. ""I'm here.Thor and Loki, As Thor put his new eyepatch on, Loki remarked his new look as reminiscent to their father's. When Thor defeated Malekith, he returned to Asgard to give his report to Odin. Much like the fighting between Thor and Loki, their popularity never wanes! with the task of unlocking the Tesseract's secrets. I have seen the true power of the Tesseract, and when I wield it–""Who showed you this power? Asgard was prospering. With his cell in ruins and his only comfort gone, Loki briefly used an illusion to hide his disheveled appearance when he is visited by Thor, who saw through Loki's illusion. ""Of course you did.Loki and Heimdall. When Loki begins acting oddly, Thor isn't quite sure how to handle the situation, and makes the decision to withdraw and allow Loki his space. Loki, disguised in a suit, attacked Schafer, grabbed the man and flipped him onto a bench, then used a special device to saw into Schafer's eyeball, allowing Barton access to steal the Iridium. Animation, Short, Comedy. Loki then took control of the ship and decided to do some good for a change, as they arrived in time to help the Revengers evacuating the surviving Asgardians from Asgard, while they were attempting to escape from Hela. Robert Downey Jr., 594,883 141 min ""Shut up.Captain America, Loki and Thor. Knowing that Loki was truly dead, Thor did everything he could to kill Thanos and avenge him. For identity. When confronted by Thor in his imprisonment, he asked genuinely if she suffered as she died and was willing to work with his much-hated brother to kill Malekith. Indeed Bruce Banner would later insist on referring to the New York invasion as Thanos' doing instead of Loki's, emphasizing how the two had come to terms. Together with a Korean tiger-goddess, a charismatic, gender-fluid space pirate, and Frost Giant mercenaries, the sons of Odin must each confront their pasts and face the truth behind … ""Your ambition is little, born of childish need. ""And your death came by the son of Odin.Laufey and Loki. Frigga, who was a lot closer to Loki than Odin was, taught Loki everything she knew about sorcery, and he eventually became an expert in Asgardian Magic, gaining the ability to conjure illusions of himself and create weapons. Director: Thor then began to consider how he could possibly stop the destruction of Jotunheim, as there was no way to stop the beam of Bifrost energy, all while Loki mocked his brother for trying and failing. But can Odin's most powerful son escape his captor's dungeon to claim the throne that is rightfully his own? Director: Maybe the Nostalgia Critic can get to … The brothers fought for a second time, Loki's Scepter matching Thor's hammer. ""Well, it seems that you are in dire need of leadership.Korg and Loki. ""We have a Hulk.Tony Stark and Loki. Video Games 1 Alternate Reality Versions 2 Movies 3 Television 4 Video Games 5 Others 5.1 … Doug Walker The powerful but arrogant god Thor is cast out of Asgard to live amongst humans in Midgard (Earth), where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders. $232.64M, PG-13 As the performers acted out the production, Loki smiled and commented on the piece, quoting the lines with them and then clapping enthusiastically once they were finished with the play. There was one time my brother transformed himself into a snake because he knows how much I like snakes, and so I picked the snake up to admire it, but then he turned back and went "Ah! Tara Strong, 77 min Perhaps, he did love his family deep down as he appeared hesitant to eject Thor out of the Helicarrier, and saved Odin from being murdered by Laufey as he later stated that his death was not his goal, and did not actually kill Odin, but rather imprisoned him on Earth. Loki struck terror into the hearts of guests by securing the one thing needed for Hawkeye to breach the security measures: Heinrich Schafer's eyeball. Mark Fisher, Stars: I could have done it, father! Sam Johnson, 4 min Loki would create feints and appear like running away or surrendering if a fight turned to his disadvantage. Upon being launched out of the Bifrost Bridge by Hela, Loki had then arrived on Sakaar. Loki reassured him that he was really here. In an alternate 2012, after Loki's defeat at the hands of the Avengers in the Battle of New York, he was escorted by the Avengers to the first floor of Stark Tower as per the original events of the battle's aftermath. Director: Disguised as Odin, Loki offered him the throne, but Thor declined while honoring Loki's sacrifice. ""So be it.Thor and Loki. When Thor asked how he looked, Loki answered, like a king. ""A mere handful compared to the numbers Odin has taken himself.Loki and Frigga. Thor, believing his brother had already left the ship, jokingly remarked if he was here, he'd give him a hug. Wherever you go there is war, ruin and death. ""Well, he's been dead before. Stars: 8 min He learned to use Asgardian sorcery from Frigga, which, in addition to his cunning, manipulative and strategic mind, made Loki one of the most dangerous foes an individual could ever face in battle. 143 min Before long, Loki and his small but ever-growing army had been successful in securing an area to determine the next course of action for the Tesseract while Erik Selvig continued his experiments to learn how to control and use its power. Promising Loki that they would have their revenge for Frigga's death and his freedom as a reward for his help, Thor also vowed that if Loki betrayed him he would kill him without hesitation; nonetheless, Loki agreed to Thor's proposal. Loki watched confidently as Stark landed on the Tower's landing pad and abandoned his wrecked Iron Man suit, stepping inside the building in order to confront and threaten the God of Mischief personally. [2], This doesn't have to get any messier. While he sat alone inside of his cell in the Asgardian Dungeons, Loki had amused himself by throwing and catching ornaments to pass the time. You're not seriously thinking of going back, are you? 8 min In 2023, after discovering a method to traverse through time safely, Iron Man, Captain America, and Ant-Man time-traveled to May 2012, creating an alternate timeline in the process. I've run out of favor with the Grandmaster.Loki and Thor. He stabbed Kurse from behind, pushing the blade through his chest. He clearly says to the Frost Giants: “To ruin my brother’s big day, and to protect the realm from his idiotic rule for a … If Loki tried to escape or break through the cell, it would drop him 30,000 feet straight downward, which would hopefully be fatal to him. In an attempt to play the long game to ensure he remained in power, Loki then traveled to Jotunheim where he then visited Laufey. Loki, turn off the Tesseract or I'll destroy it! Your savior is here! It's me!" [2], I really don't see what all the fuss is about. | The Battle of New York traumatized Loki, since his defeats at the hands of Hulk left him terrified about the creature, to the extent of trying to leave Sakaar upon discovering that Hulk was the champion of their Contest of Champions. Frigga would have been proud.Odin to Loki. However, Thor refused to talk to his adopted brother, merely throwing stones through his projection. While Valkyrie had successfully initiated the revolution on Sakaar by giving Korg and the other Contest of Champions gladiators weapons, Loki and Thor had teamed up to steal one of the Grandmaster's shield generator-powered ships.

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